About The Flightline

The Flightline is a fast moving 30-minute aviation magazine TV show that brings the viewer into the cockpits of some of the world’s greatest aircraft. Using cutting edge high definition cameras and accessing the top air show acts, leading edge aircraft, and historically significant planes, and pilot’s reports, the Flightline packs visual thrills along with great stories into every feature. The Flightline pairs two people whose friendship stretches all the way back to their childhood days. Award-winning TV Producer and Host Mark DeJoy leads the television component of this team while Senior Captain Paul Jackson brings the aviation expertise. Flightline is now in production of an all new exciting season 3 and heading out around the globe to capture the stories of aviation from props to jets. Look for the team at an air show or airport near you. We’ll see you on the Flightline!

We have a great team of professional producers who are excited to bring such a great visual topic as aviation into people’s homes in high definition video!

Mark DeJoy – The Flightline Executive Producer

Mark is an award-winning producer and is entering his third decade in television and is a graduate of the University of Minnesota. His work in television has found him both in front of and behind the camera as a show host and behind the camera as a producer. Mark brings his experience and expert eye to all of the Flightline’s productions to create what you see on your screen. While not only shooting and editing the Flightline on the ground, he also is the lucky camera operator on the North American T-6 that the Flightline utilizes in its air-to-air shots and oversees the critical placement of remote cameras on the subject aircraft. He has been upside down, bounced and blown around, while flying at and to the many places we’ve been to capture aviation stories for the Flightline.

Paul Jackson – The Flightline’s Pilot

Paul started down the path to becoming a pilot while a student at St. Cloud State University. Aviation had always been a passion of his and he pursued the career as a professional pilot with vigor. He achieved his initial pilot ratings and built a base of flight time while at St. Cloud and moved to positions as an instructor and freight pilot after graduation. His airline career began in 1988 at Great Lakes Airlines where he progressed to Captain at the Regional Airline by the age of twenty three. After a brief stint at America West and upgrade to the Boeing 737, Paul was hired at the start up airline Morris Air as a Captain on the Boeing 737-300 at the age of twenty seven. Today, Paul is a senior Captain with a major airline. To date he has accumulated over 19,000 hours of flight time (that is over two years in the air!). He also still has a passion for aviation that extends beyond his job as an airline Captain. He has flown everything from pre-World War II era aircraft to modern combat ready jets. He has served as a factory demonstration pilot at the world’s largest air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, is an experienced float plane pilot, and has competed in aerobatic competitions. Paul holds the highest FAA rating as an Air Transport Pilot, is a certified flight instructor, and also is rated for float plane operations. Paul is excited to share his passion for all things flying and connect the audience to the excitement and exhilaration of flying. His goal is to take the audience along as he enters the cockpits of some of the world’s most unique and interesting aircraft.

Mike Francis – The Flightline Producer

Mike supports the Flightline in Production, Marketing and is basically our “whatever needs to get done” guy. Mike has years of experience in the media field and assists the Flightline behind the lenses of its high definition cameras and insures that the technical aspects of our POV cameras are operating and safely mounted on the subject aircraft. To date he has brought every one of our mounted cameras home to the studio with but one exception. If you find a small camera in a farmer’s field south of Oshkosh give Mike a call. The camera has some great footage of a dogfight with a P-51 on it.

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